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-- that there will be pain in their rv is pain but the pain -- he thinks it's a pain that will russia will be able to stand he thinks crimea is a place that russia cannot afford to have moving into western orbits and it would be a disaster for russia. he takes the pain is now at a level that he can stand it so this i think is very much the kind of thing i had in mind when i was talking about the end of the 19th and beginning of the 20th century more and more government starts saying we will take the risk on using force. maybe that is not the worst option still open to us. we have a gentleman in the first row. >> one disinterested in your premise sounds great and i think it in terms of the roman empire and it seems like a great example for the pacification that you don't destroy the income flow. but in my own mind i think of war now and in the future and the recent past as a small terrorist attacks and sew them massive armies and what happens i can understand clearly. can you apply your thoughts to the smaller terrorists? >> yeah. this is something i thought about quite a lot as i was writing the book, the
at the us president and the visiting german chancellor said about the threat of tougher sanctions on russia. barack obama going up the prospect of measures targeting defence and finance. this is in ukraine to govern helicopters were shot down the aisle to get defensive. it's a good sled dogs has also been deadly stuff streaking up the southern port city of deaths. at least three killed there. also the newsletter may not have a new president can lay claim to the minister along with most eligible bachelor. the actions of george clooney's impeachment to human rights attorney and all of the team. i was char while ago here on false and get you her press conference from the white house. a lot of it. reacting to what's been up friday of escalation in both eastern and southern ukraine. in the port of odessa. three killed in clashes between pro russian protesters and supporters of ukrainian unity. meanwhile anton offensive by government forces on the eastern city of sled dogs marks for the shooting down two ukrainian helicopters kids security services when one was hit by a surface to air missiles. o
. he answered questions on eu sanctions against russia and responded to controversial payments made by alex salmond on russian president vladimir putin. this is about 40 minutes. >> order. questions for the prime minister. mr. thomas.r one, >> number one mr. speaker. >> the prime minister. >> thank you, mr. speaker. mr. speaker, i'm sure the whole house will wish to join me ine paying tribute to captain thomas clarke of the army air corps, flight lieutenant rakesh chauhan of joint helicopter command, raf odiham, acting warrant officer class two spencer faulkner of the army air corps, corporal james walters of the army airlko corps, and lance corporal oliver thomas of the intelligenceoms corps, a reservist who also worked as a research assistant to the honorable member.. these tragic deaths remind us o the continued commitment andnd sacrifice of our armed forces and i kn and i'm no that our deepest ourd sympathies are with their families at this very, very t time.l time. i'm sure the whole house will also want to join me in paying tribute to and mcgwire who was stabbed to death in h
-to-air missiles were used. counteri ining russia claims th uprising was led by civilians. yesterday vladimir putin. hour after that ukraine's military draft was renewed. earlier this week ukraine's acting president said his security forces were helpless against the pro-russian insurgents. >> this morning the acting malaysian minister says he's sure the search for malaysian flight 370 is on the right track but yesterday he released a report on the disappearance. it documented the confusion on the jet's location. susan mcginnis is in washington with the details. good morning, susan. >> good morning, wendy. there was a press conference this morning where they talked about their long-term plan for finding this plane. the malaysian defense minister came out and now he says that the search could take 8 to 12 months, but that he is confident they will find the plane. nearly eight weeks into the search for missing malaysia airlines flight 370, officials from malaysia, australia, and france are vowing to press ahead to find the plane. >> i'm quietly confident that we are on the right track. >> while the ae
the time troops are already there. what's happening around sloviansk is hugely important. russia would rather use it if they want to launch military operation there. >> there's also the possibility, dare i say, if pro russian separatists have seized railways, that could make it easier for russian forces to move to eastern ukraine quicker? >> definitely. we see the statements from moscow indicating russia is ready to use this. i've seen change of language where the word punitive operation which is russian, the second world war language used against germany forces. the same language is used now. that was somewhat forgotten in recent weeks and months, again up on the table. >> finally, what moscow is saying in public, language used. we've heard from the spokesman. >> the language used by the factions in the russian parliament is very tough. they're talking about a use of as much as possible pressure on ukrainian government. at the end of the day, the main thing is russian propaganda, the army moving into the peaceful town against peaceful people shooting civilians, creating hxgkçma >> a
, the british house of commons, prime minister david cameron was asked about thetions against russia and scottish leader's comments regarding russian president putin. this is 40 minutes. impact. we expect better results for thousands of young people at risk of becoming meet. >> questions to the prime minister. >> number one, mr. speaker. >> thank you, mr. speaker. mr. speaker, i'm sure the whole house will wish to join me in paying tribute to captain thomas clarke of the army air corps, flight lieutenant rakesh chauhan of joint helicopter command, acting warned officer class do spencer faulkner, corporal james walters of the army air corps, and lance corporal oliver thomas of the intelligence corps, reservist who also worked as a research assistant. these tragic deaths remind us of the continued commitment and sacrifice of our armed forces, and i know that our deepest concerns are with the families that is very, very difficult time. i'm sure the whole house will also want to join me in paying tribute to and mcgwire who was stabbed to death in her classroom on monday. it is clear from
and the bnz bank. bennett was the biggest manufacturer in russia. at the same time feel it's a tragedy. every time a french company to report on a foreign one quarter of the moment too. to take the points. i think it is today. this is something that we have to tough it out seriously have to take into consideration the fact that if we do when it was seen in solution we will have to face issues with that of tom monopolies. she had long track record in france and its partner in big groups are from three years in the leaves. yep that's that's why everything is on a table and we need to discuss it and given that the county saying clinton the best solution is to last them for it to its employees in for a car on the future of our energy policy. tom and newtown. as mentioned i would like you as he he he. eugene found a solution and come i am not sure that this is due. and we can't see this into account weekends we can sound the news oust him to train built in the build up an emt and industry policy. we need to start now on. and we bleed strategic policy of more globally and in a descending and hasn't
's happening with the ukraine and in russia and in europe just recently. so you know, the issue of freedom and private enterprise and opportunity and education and energy self-sufficientry are goals that -- i mean, we pressure here. and it is possible for the rest of the world and our allies around the world. but what signal does it send if america is not willing to do its part when it comes to production right here in america and transporting oil and fall gas and other emerging fuels, alternative fuels, alternative sources of electricity, when we're not doing our very best? so i know that it's contentious but i wanted to come to the floor to talk, senator hoeven i think gave a excellent defense of why the keystone pipeline is important. but i would just want to underscore in terms of jobs and the economy, but i just want to underscore the process, because there are a lot of democrats and others in my caucus, friends and colleagues that have said, well, you know, has the process been complete, has the process been thorough? i just want to review for the record a couple of very interesting
attempt by russia to hold a referendum at gunpoint so nice to get one and cranny and asked mom christy international community widely rejected the three independent surveys have shown winning support for him to bite ukraine even the most the russian speaking eastern regions. a poll conducted last month by the international republican institute which included cranny and showed that only fourteen percent of the creamy and support the jury's the scene of the country that even two national institute of sociology has published its april two thousand fourteen findings which suggests that close to seventy percent of people living in the south east of ukraine cannot support the separation of the country's regions. great news for you anymore. your team just a prison term and underwhelmed he says the eu is free to provide economic aid to ukraine in cooperation with the international monetary fund. rowntree says the interim authorities in kiev have taken steps to the film budgets the meeting she needed to embark on economic and political reforms. only needs. before the next agreement with the imf
% aimed at russia. all the other participants in this program are the very countries that russia threatens right now. particularly ukraine which is the second largest participant. i think it would be a really bad signal for this country to actually cut programs that are supportive of democracy in the areas immediately around russia. frankly i think more or less plays into putin's hand. beyond that we have a unique institution, unique arrangement and unique person heading it at the library of congress, who is probably the country's -- is the country's, probably the world's foremost expert on russian history and culture and literature. this has been well placed as long as he's been the librarian and well used. again i appreciate my friend's motives, but i would urge the rejection of the amendment. with that i would like to yield the remainder of the time that i have to my good friend, the gentleman from virginia. the chair: the gentleman from virginia is recognized. >> coy not agree mr. moran: i cannot agree more with my friend from oklahoma, the chair of this subcommittee. and the idea that
's eastern regions of russia militia activity continues to spread unchallenged the leakage bring you comfort in kiev it's baffling to deal with the police schools last week demoralized and parades and custom plates quite switched allegiances between muscat and the west. it's not the alms to the central square has become the fact of rebel held territory and i got area. authorities meanwhile warring forces did attempt to intervene in tuesday's taken aback by the constant government building against militants building heights with bouts of molotov cocktails several thousand activists stormed the regional state exports has embraced the russian flag the rebels as they continue to control the sixties prosecutions office and stevie cent of the operation in the city gets the prize must be a separate system on the second provincial capital late already controlled much of an apron done yet province where the proclaimed an independent people's republic of the yes but a referendum on secession of late he left as you. gemma child slept like an american has said russia is not a right to the decisions bein
are companies like x on mobil and chevron are both of which operate here in russia but it was saying he hopes that there will not need to get it out retaliatory steps apparently they are in iraq as arsenal in case the situation arises. my senior us officials have continued referring to some question no evidence of moscow's involvement in the uprising in ukraine's east. and in his latest beach the second statement and pages of links to russian agents claimed to have been seen in crimea and georgette testimony she has displayed the photographer to take some of the picture is saying the funds are being twisted on the channel has fallen under the criticism of the state of calm and to get sick and on this link the antiseptic chips taste in diplomacy and effect if not i'll see what cold is falsifying of phonics and distorting reality. aussies in action she has more now from washington dc undersecretary for diplomacy and affairs which are single sort of followed up by a secretary kerry's attack on rt last week where he told us that propaganda for four and was the single is accusing rt of making fa
of state john kerry has warned russia that make the nato alliance would defend every piece of its territory. to make it absolutely clear to the kremlin. that nato territory is in the wild bull we will defend every single piece of that article five of the nato treaty must mean something. and our allies on the frontlines need and deserve no less. kiri on tuesday called the prices in ukraine a wakeup call for any job that requires an alliance with my effort and the city cannot continue to allow an allied defense budgets to shrink. kerry also called on the european union members to carry out more cooperation in the energy sector and to reduce their attachment to russian energy supplies. rush and the lebanese who has said moscow sees no need for further sanctions against the west after the eu and the us and the opening round of sanctions against russia but he also said russia could reconsider the protest a patient of western companies in russia's economy including energy projects the russian president made the statement after meeting with the leaders of the woods and kazakhstan on tuesday. he al
ukraine and supplies from russia not started yet. policy of this midrash and licenses for this correspondence no more. a q and a promise to lead to changes of my sis has already became obvious that he has had to run and run the cd searching for it might kill scenes but they do when they find it save it failed to injury sixpence almost every scene from tnt series trucks some of them gets more expensive leahy her sons' sons and my sister percent every two bit more expensive in amongst us. what women to us and you see a thing. there are no problems was too which for now there is enough for me to try are changed almost every day. potatoes carrots and me too attached to him in the south. cucumbers are local so they can get up and down the coast was fourteen for defining our own needs coast eat eat eat and seventy two eighteen and reached sixty five. it's expensive earlier it's best to keep trying. but the thing that yet. then there's hope this so called transition period to our list long and the situation on the lights customers aren't rich chocolaty price coast example an
luhansk by pro-russian militants tuesday. russia continues to deny accusations it's funding and orchestrating the unrest. >>> coordinators of the search effort for the missing ma lay airlines flight mh370 have dismissed a claim possible plain wreckage was found in the northern bay of bengal. the underwater search is continuing off the australian coach. six weeks of searching have so far failed to find any wreckage at all. >>> a dangerous storm system which earlier killed more than 30 people in the southern united states has now flattened scores of homes, churches and businesses in louisiana and alabama. trees and power lines have been knocked out. meteorologists say the storms have weakened, but tornado watches are still in effect for some isolated areas. >>> there's mounting anger in my je nigeria -- to free more than 230 girls abducted from their school by islamist militants over a fortnight ago. a million woman protest march is being called for by the women's peace and justice organization to demand more resources for securing the girls' release. with me is someone who ru
by russian troops massed on the border. they warned the threat of russia starting a war is, as they put it, real. russia denies accusations. >>> the mothers of around 200 nigerian schoolgirls abducted two weeks ago have been holding a protest march in the capital, abuja. they're frustrated about a lack of action from the authorities. the girls were taken from their boarding school in the northeastern state of borno by militants. some reports are they've been sold into marriage in neighboring cameroon. protests are expected after schools close later today. i asked bbc africa news editor for the latest on the whereabouts. >> yesterday the nigerian military released a statement which said they were taking seriously a lot of information that's been coming out. which basically means that they have no idea either where the girls are. we've heard that they may have crossed the border into cameroon and, as they say, sold off into marriage. we've not been able to confirm that. we've also heard they've been taken to the border with chad. it's obviously indicates the girls have been split up. the lon
exports from the eu to russia have amounted to about 700 million euros in the last three years not counting the 1.2 billion of the french warships, isn't it about time we were talking about eu sanctions and? >> i think by right honorable friend is right on this issue. we have set out a clear set of sanctions in terms of russia's behavior toward ukraine. we have taken a series of steps so far in terms of putting asset freezes and travel bans on named individuals. we take an acer is a diplomatic and other steps and we've set out the so-called stage three sanctions that we think should be taken if further destabilization of ukraine are set out and we do believe that restrictions on arms sales should certainly be part of that. >> mr. speaker, the prime minister promised by the end of this parliament a third of the cabinet would be women. we know the former cultural secretary had to go. does he agree with the new culture secretary that this is because government appointment should always be made on merit? >> what i said was i wanted to see a third of my front bench ministers being w
participating in russia's energy sector if sanctions against his country persist. putin spoke the day after the u.s. and europe expanded the list of travel bans and asset freezes. he said there was no need for counter sanctions for now but he said that could change . one u.s. firm with a lot at stake is exxonmobil. it has very deep financial ties to russia's energy company. and on monday the u.s. added it to the list of russian facing sanctions. so far exxon's deal is not in jeopardy, but it under scores the modern best. policies does not always mesh with the interests of companies. >> reporter: russian president vladimir putin a picture of cooperation that continues despite escalating tensions over the crisis in ukraine. since 2011 exxonmobil has substantially strengthened it's ties with with a gas plant in the far east, developed oil fracking sites and joint $3.2 billion project to hunt for oil in the blacks sea and russian russian arctic waters. the trade access to billions of barrels of oil for engineering expertise. >> basically exxon is going to russia because of the opportunities the
death threats and he and his family fled to kiev. >> some of those opposed to russia say they have had enough. this video appeared on youtube. these men are ukrainian patriots ready to fight the ipp vadors. divisions in the -- invaders. divisions in the east are heart nipping. >> coming up, above it all. drones, disasters and the faa. >>> plus on the front lints, battle over -- front lines. mississippi's last-remaining abortion clinic. all that and more >> good evening to you. welcome back to al jazeera america. i'm morgan radford live in new york city. we have a lot to cover this half hour, including risking it all - why a doctor is commuting to a mississippi health clinical the way from chicago. >>> a photographer chronicles cramped quarters where migrants live in chinatown. >>> and legalizing marijuana - the first count are to legalize pot. >>> the los angeles clippers are on the court of the their owner is not. he was banned for life and hit with a $2.5 million fine and the possibility of selling his team. >> the justices will decide whether or not police need warrants to search th
street keeping a close eye on today relations between the united states and russia after the white house ramped up economic sanctions against individuals and entities licensed to export to russia. john harwood joins us from washington with more on the sanctions and russia's response. john, are these new sanctions, the big sanctions on whole sectors of the russian economy that some have expected or more of a little slap here and a nugy from? >> reporter: it's an increasing number of nugies before they get to the large scale transactions. treasure secretary explained to mitch mitch today what the rationale is behind the administration's approach. >> these are very important sanctions. they are sanctions that will get their attention. i think our goal is to move in a systematic way, careful way, a way that gives them a chance to change their policy and take a different course. our goal here is obviously not to hurt the russian people, it's to get them to change their policy. >> reporter: give them a chance to change the policy. that's the off-ramp that president obama and secretary of state
penalizing trans oil one of russia's biggest railway transporters of oil and oil products. many diplomats and officials being part of a hapless deletions would present wonderful including him for and he's the president and chairman of the board of the match import of raw snack now as a result of the sanctions and assets of individuals and businesses in us her jurisdiction. who wants to be frozen additionally i transactions by us citizens involving this sanctioned by depressed individuals and businesses are generally prohibited. now their intentions are in tended to build on earlier us and european bees advancing past present and post on russian officials after me i hold the referendum needing to re unification with ross and the white house says the additional on penalties are being imposed because washington insists that russia has not lived up to its promises of using its influence in its leverage in eastern ukraine to help de escalate the crisis obama said the us and its allies would keep the broader sanctions put in reserve in the event of further escalation on the ground in ukraine.
america, though forceful of the moment with respect to russia, is not been especially forceful in recent years. i don't know that i would worry terribly about it. there are people both on the left and on the right who are great fans of strong presidential government. on the right, for example, john yoo's name comes to mind. these are national greatness people who worry like you about protecting american might around the world could i don't know if who you would be worse off if we projected less american might around the world. host: keith is on the line for republicans. caller: how are you doing, ma'am? i like theou and conversation. i think the media matters. the media belongs to one side versus another site is the critical balance that our founders even overlooked, you know what i'm saying? whoever controls the media -- same with when bush was going to war and they were dogging him so doggedly on everything he done cap him in check. the same can't be said about obama, when he does things -- can you imagine the president doing as many blunders as he has done and nobody attacks? he gets
tried to slip and sprays display the government's one sounds. washington war with russia with the entire day of the mess and ukraine. he's a tough read treat her as the reluctant hero into supposing more sanctions the seventies with afghanistan's presidential election into a bottle while i was convinced that the war ravaged economy the country's next season will somehow to banks. six bombs. once in the uk attending to politics but what is going to cost to protect their rights as britain's mainstream politicians don't read at a posh regret treat that way. a the seats are not still coming to my house. mr said buildings in the not the eastern ukrainian city of four men under the control of the un to give protest as local accidents that have taken over the main has a spatial i'm saying government has courses on sez policy isn't this just for us. look at a time one can. over on main character in the theater we went to work. surely one of them. he calmly the older you. we will come when called to normal the work of co operation. it occurred. it's great. mcleod who prefer to take the pic. but d
filing sanctions against russia for its actions in ukraine. the specific parts of the russian economy they are targeting. >> there must be sanctions that make it clear that the nba family will have zero tolerance for such conduct today, tomorrow or ever. >> the nba investigating allegations of racist remarks from the owner of the l.a. clippersers. how everyone from the players to the president is reacting to the controversy. >> arming cars to withstand bullets and bombs in a city with a long history of violence. >> good morning, welcome to al jazeera america. i'm del walters. >> i'm receive stay. parts of the united states are waking up to destruction caused by three tornadoes, at least 18 people have been killed by the twisters spawned by a powerful storm system. >> most of those fatalities happening in arkansas near little rock, additional deaths in iowa and oklahoma. >> tornadoes touched down in missouri near job lynn, the same small town where a tornado killed 161 in 2011. the storm system is expect the to remain active through wednesday. >> president obama saying the federal gove
advocating that we begin hitting a breeze within russia to further destabilize the economy. their goal, russia's goal, inside the ukraine, is to destabilize the country and delegitimize elections that taking place on may 25. over time, he can achieve his goals without actually sending troops in. he has little green men, black , fomenting inside ukraine. people are not yet with putin. it is amazing. the only information that people are getting is from russia. it is only russian speaking news that is occurring. over time, continuing to do it is doing, he can do without actually sending people in. again, i think we need to put sectoral sanctions in place. i think we need to move those troops away from the border am a change behavior, and i am very concerned that as we have seen from this administration and some a tough issues, their policy is always late. after the point in time and we could've made a difference in the outcomes. senator bob corker speaking over the weekend. says the united states will levy new sanctions monday on russian individuals and companies in retaliation for moscow
and bans. mr. obama said this is due to russia's failure to hold up the agreement on the crisis. >> we're going to move forward with an expanded list of companies affected by sanctions. they remain targeted. we will also focus on areas of high-tech defense exports to russia that we don't think are appropriate to be exporting in this kind of climate. the goal here is not to go after mr. putin personally. the goal is to change his calculus with respect to how the current actions he's engaging in in ukraine could have adverse effect on the economy over the long haul and encourage him to walk the walk and not just talk the talk when it comes to diplomatically resolving the crisis in ukraine. >> president barack obama speaking in a few hours. the pro russian mayor has been shot and seriously wounded. he was shot in the back during an attack from an unknown gunmen. he's being operated on fighting for his life. let's go to david stern in kiev for us at ukrainian capital. first of all the condition of the mayor and what's happened. what do you know? >> well as you've heard, this has happened i
with russia? a key obama foreign policy adviser will be here to discuss that. >>> also, my wide ranging and exclusive interview with the former prime minister of great britain, tony blair, on why he thinks islamic extremism in the middle east is worse than it's ever been. >>> from nbc news in washington, the world's longest running television program, this is "meet the press" with david gregory. >>> good sunday morning. developing story this weekend to talk about. it's what we begin with. i'm joined by civil rights activist and the host of "politics nations" on msnbc, the reverend al sharpton. lorraine miller and bryant gumbel host of "real sports with bryant gumbel." here are the comments by donald sterling allegedly made by donald sterling first revealed on tape by the site tmz. listen. >> yeah, it bothers me a lot that you want to broadcast that you're associating with black people. do you have to? you can sleep with them, you can bring them in. you can do whatever you want. the little i ask you is not to promote it on that -- and not to bring them to my games. >> this is purportedly
as you said woo we have sue crane. russia a week ago signed on to roadmap to deescalate the crisis in ukraine. it hasn't lived up to the commitments it made. so the president in asia convened by phone all of the senior european leaders and got them to agree to a very strong statement for the g-7 and this week additional sanctions put the pressure on russia. >> so there will be -- i want to talk about ukraine, but i first want to follow up and say, look, if you take the broader view and you look at assad in syria still in power years after the president said this guy has got to go, if you look at the egyptians who say two coups over initial u.s. objections during the obama administration, the eu wasn't initially on board for some of these sanctions. even britain failed to come with the u.s. in some of its efforts. it just looks as though the abilities to persuade allies has become less and less. are those not failures? >> i don't think that's the case, candy. i think today we saw the president announce a major agreement in the philippines that is -- >> but those aren't the problems
." >> pro-russia rebels sees control of the state television building in eastern ukraine. >> hello, this is al jazeera live from doha. coming up in the show, taking the blame, south korea's prime minister resigns over his government's bungled handling of the ferry disaster. ♪ >> thousands gather in vatican city as two former popes are declared saints plus 20 years, on, we
centuries arguing with russia for a rabbi from the century. so it goes on. so the sense of the contentiousness in this argument is also a wonderful part of the jewish tradition. so what i wanted to do with the project with these things. because i reflected as a child that they are best for the first of churchill sees three, made immediate family would've been destroyed as many of my mother's family, my mother's mother's family were destroyed in vienna and that history has been for the jews. it can't of course actually stop the annihilation of individual masses of bodies, but the jewish tradition, the jewish tradition is about the protection and conservation of our tradition but actually what gives us identity and that's really the most -- that is what this sort of powerful about. so the jewish story is really caused leaving related to survival and endurance. jews have known in the send of what they've experienced to be part of the world's most difficult issues how do peoples of different beliefs share the same living space? gypsies and take your pick of those have suffer
of the crisis to be cradled what it means for them. a number of balkan states from a simple behind russia's south stream gas pipeline of this huge project on the black sea means cos the bus to come by prophet may the heading south to the department's top that sprang up support for the pipes being spurred by the crisis in ukraine right now with kibble ready billions in debt months behind on payments testimony justice causes nonetheless an avid and ski from the brussels based the report magazine to make russian tax patient to subsidize ukraine the moment ukraine boy bringing people have chosen to become an independent state. the top job. except that they can't argue they can develop the country on costs to taxpayers the prayers of your citizens of the abbey countries that's the way to the two dollars so i need not be the tough political confusion now as well because i keep europeans would want to help ukrainians on the top to fit together the russians at the table of the negotiations and find out the way to help them to pay for them because it would be very naive to expect that to taxpayers
. the decision to hit key sectors of russia's economy like energy and banking remains on hold. >> the europeans and the united states have been consistent in calibrating sanctions that could provide a deterrent to the russians providing support to the ukrainians leaving open a path for resolving this problem diplomatically. >> reporter: but the president also rejected the notion he has other options in ukraine. >> we seem to have gotten into the habit of thinking that when there are hard foreign policy problems, that there may actually be a definitive answer. typically those who offer that definitive answer come up with the use of force as the definitive answer. >> reporter: mr. obama said as president and as a student of history he's skeptical of military force generally and particularly in ukraine. even though white house officials concede economic sanctions have so far failed in ukraine and the threat of more may not save that fragile country. for "cbs this morning saturday," major garrett, seoul, south korea. >>> this weekend, russian troops are conducting exercises
as a support vessel. pam. >>> president barack obama hoping to put more pressure on russia today. the president's intentions to increase sanctions are taking the spotlight during his trip to asia. reports, mr. obama is not the only head of state with tough words for moscow. >>reporter: the president's week long 4 nation trip to asia is a balancing act. focus is shifting from his failed global trade talks in japan to the ferry disaster. >> we join yous on the loss and missing. >>reporter: high on the list of tipics. the crisis in ukraine. russia's defense chief escalated tensions tli by ordering new military drills along the border with ukraine. the president says further sanctions against russia are teeed up and ready to go. >> we'll continue to keep some arrows in our quiver in the event that we see a further deterioration of the situation over the next several days or weeks. >>reporter: the president's comments come as the ukrainian prime minister speaks out with tough talk of his own. claims moscow wants to start a third world war, determined to occupy his country, quote, militarily and poli
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